SUMAQ ANDEAN FRUITS AND GRAINS is committed to behaving ethically, protecting the environment and contributing to the economic and welfare of the farmers in the communities in which it works by providing better prices, better technologies, technical assistance, and by supporting local investments and channeling social investments that improve the quality of life of the workforce, their families and communities.



In late 2014, SUMAQ initiated a research project to improve the productivity and quality of organic Quinoa production in Ayacucho and thus, increase farmers’ income. The results of the research identified Quinoa varieties that develop best and that are resistant to hailstorms, mildew and diseases. These results have been encouraging. Currently, a second research project is being planned to be executed in the medium term. This project will look to identify the right mix of variables to improve productivity and profitability including agronomic tests of soil management, fertilization, and plant density.



SUMAQ provides training to local producers and technical assistance with a team of agronomic engineers in order to improve their agricultural practices and achieve organic certification.


SUMAQ also collaborates with quinoa farmers’ associations that represent over 350 Quinoa producers in order to assist them as much as possible.



SUMAQ has supported a farmers’ association by providing counterpart funds in order to co-finance the purchase of new machinery that will reduce operating costs. Additional investments are planned.