SUMAQ ANDEAN FRUITS AND GRAINS is a private organization that supports agricultural development in the Andean highlands of Peru by assisting in the production of organic quinoa and connecting small farmers with export markets.


Our business model is based on developing strong strategic alliances and partnerships with small growers, agricultural communities and associations in the Region of Ayacucho, located 200 miles southeast of Lima.


We aim to transfer technology by training small growers and supporting investments that can boost productivity and quality, provide a consistent source of high-quality organic quinoa and protect the environment, which together can make a difference in the livelihoods of poor farmers and those who consume our products while also having a positive environmental impact.


SUMAQ thus seeks to connect small quinoa farmers with international markets by reaching wholesale markets and retail chains and becoming a preferred quinoa supplier that permit us to offer better prices to those producers, by implementing fair trade concepts and increasing demand through the development of innovative and nutritious consumer products. As our business grows, we plan to expand into other regions of the Andes and other highly nutritious Andean products.

Produce highly nutritious fruits and grains, while improving the livelihoods of farmers.

SUMAQ Andean Fruits and Grains is recognized as an innovative and trusted supplier of quinoa and other nutritious foods that makes people healthier and happier.


We seek to develop high quality products.



We treat our collaborators and partners with respect.



We empower individuals to excel at all levels.



We aim for efficiency and effectiveness.



We are honest and transparent in all we do.



We provide an equal opportunity working environment.


We value and encourage innovation and creativity throughout our business.



We participate in and encourage strong strategic alliances and partnerships.



We behave ethically and responsibly to protect the environment and contribute to the development of poor farmers and their communities.

SUMAQ ANDEAN FRUITS AND GRAINS has been awarded by Kiwa BCS OKO Garantie, the NOP Certificate, the Certificate of Compliance with Regulations (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008, and Canada Organic for production and exportation of organic quinoa to the United States, the EC, and Canada.


SUMAQ works closely with a group of the best quinoa and food processors in Peru to offer high quality quinoa. The plants are certified to process organic foods, and meet US and EC high-quality processing standards through the implementation of GMP,HACCPand BRC.